Helping companies and individuals with important career transitions and ensuring they happen well.

Increasingly, companies are using strategic talent management which is leading to: succession, (earlier) retirements, movement of leaders to new roles late in their careers, and leaders’ concerns regarding their next seasons. On the other end of the spectrum, early career professionals are seeking purpose, career growth, and relevancy. My Next Season’s individualized, caring approach demonstrates an understanding of, and respect for, these fragile transitions on both ends of the career continuum.


Transition Solutions

Our customized packages offer support to companies and leaders.

  • Retirement Transitions

    My Next Season offers different packages so companies may provide varying levels of advising, networking support, state-of-the-art rebranding, opportunity research, and board search guidance. Our goal is for clients to land well in whatever role(s) they set for their next phase of life. Read More >
  • Early Career Advantage™

    Whether individuals are seeking assistance with career direction and pursuit, or companies want to develop, retain, and inspire their brightest and best, My Next Season helps young professionals gain personal insights, obtain and interpret assessment results, and develop a plan for career definition and advancement. Read More >
  • Executive Advising

    For valued executives who need to move to a new role, adjust their leadership style, or enhance their professional development through community or board roles, My Next Season offers customized guidance, rebranding, and networking support. Read More >


  • “I appreciated the responsiveness and flexibility of the My Next Season team. Their support was personalized to match my situation, style, and priorities, and I received the highly pragmatic tools I was seeking.”

    Ed Sannini
    Former Managing Director, Global Head of Internal Audit, Morgan Stanley
    Retirement Transition
  • “This is the best gift the firm could give retiring partners. I no longer feel like I am going through this retirement process alone – but rather, I have a team of caring professionals guiding and supporting me. The resources provided are vast, and I am very excited to be working with My Next Season.”

    Ellen Parker
    Former Partner, KPMG
    Retirement Transition
  • “The entire process was thoughtful, helpful, and well-structured and I would recommend it to anyone. The program really worked for me and continues to do so: the impact is long-lasting!”

    Larry Belmonte
    Former Senior Vice President, The American Express Company
    Retirement Transition
  • “My Advisor was great – she had just the right energy level and made everything very clear! She was supportive without being directional and helped me think through my departure from GE as well as my transition into a great new role.”

    Tara Plimpton
    Former Vice President, General Counsel Global Operations, General Electric Company
    Executive Advising
  • “Since its founding, Estée Lauder has been an organization that wants to positively impact its employees and have company ambassadors even after they’ve gone on to other things. The My Next Season program really goes a long way towards living out that company value!”

    Peter Lichtenthal
    Former Global Brand President, The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.
    Retirement Transition
  • “My Next Season’s process for Advisor matching was very effective, and one I would highly recommend. My Advisor and I shared a no-nonsense style and it just ‘worked.’ She had extensive executive experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and provided excellent support and advice as I worked to make a similar pivot. The program was instrumental in my path to an exciting new role as President and CEO of the National Safety Council.”

    Lorraine Martin
    Former Executive Vice President and Deputy, Rotary and Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin
    Retirement Transition
  • “Navigating the transition from operations to a board role with the support and friendship of my Advisor helped me so much; I am glad I did not try and go it alone. Her experience with so many details of a transition like mine remains invaluable as I progress to my next season.”

    John Thiel
    Former Head of Merrill Lynch
    Executive Advising
  • “The practical and personalized support I received from my Advisor to fine-tune my interview skills and expand and activate my network led to a great new role with a Fortune 50 company. It was a wonderful experience and extremely worthwhile.”

    MaryCate Swift
    Technical Sales, IBM – Global Technology Services
    Early Career Advantage™
  • “My Advisor was a smart, caring, easy-to-talk-to, deep thinker. Outside of my family, my work was my life for more than 35 years; the thought of leaving was both exciting and scary. This process and my Advisor helped me to put aside the scary and helped with context, perspective, and expectations.”

    Mark Little
    Former Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, General Electric Company
    Retirement Transition
  • “I transitioned to another full-time position; the MyNextSeason process and support helped me feel confident in that decision as well as set me up for success for my next, next season.”

    Nikki Gonzalez
    Chief Talent Officer, Vantage | Former CHRO, AXA XL
    Retirement Transition
  • “My Advisor was always thoroughly prepared – he shared his own experience and challenges and offered his views and perspective. He is an authentic and genuine person and clearly understood the emotions and opportunities of this transition having gone through it himself.”

    Kent Sluyter
    Former President, Prudential Annuities
    Retirement Transition
  • “My Advisor’s insights in understanding and shaping the arc of the career of a CEO are deep and invaluable. She has naturally extended her expertise in coaching CEOs to be their best during their careers, navigate new roles, or to help them prepare for the best ways to put their talents to use and to live with purpose after their formal careers end.”

    Trevor Fetter
    Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
    Executive Advising
  • “I am profoundly grateful for the existence of the My Next Season program. It is brilliantly designed and in an expert, yet understated way, transforms the thinking of a newly retired individual. It has made an extraordinary difference in my life. Thank you to the entire My Next Season team!”

    Anne Steele
    Former President, Muskingum University
    Retirement Transition
  • “My Advisor was phenomenal, and I received THE most important tool for someone at my stage: being able to speak articulately about myself and my experience. I feel so much more confident talking about my internships, interests, and current job, as well as sharing my stories. I would absolutely recommend the program to others – it broadened my perspective and made a huge difference in determining my next steps.”

    Lauren Desatnick
    Account Coordinator, Biologique Recherche
    Early Career Advantage™
  • “I’ve appreciated the regular check-ins with my Advisor. She has been immensely helpful to my personal planning as well as how to best support Prudential during and post-transition.”

    Steve Pelletier
    Former Executive Vice President and COO, Prudential Financial
    Executive Advising

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Who We Serve

Chief HR Officers
You are in the critical and highly accountable role of ensuring your company demonstrates its valuing of leaders throughout all phases of their employment life cycle, from millennials to those transitioning out of the company. Your concerns may include retention, development, or exiting those who loyally served–and probably all three. Read More >
Leaders in Transition
Whether your transition is to a new role or to something outside your company, your priorities and how time is spent day-to-day will change. This presents a unique opportunity to pause, discern, and prepare for what’s next. Read More >
Early Career Professionals
You are trying to answer the questions: What should I be doing with my work life? How do I best position myself for success and advancement? You would value an outside perspective on your gifts and talents from someone who can help you position yourself for what’s next—once you figure out what that is. Read More >

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