My Next Season

My Next Season was created in response to the high volume of executives transitioning out of or retiring from companies with little time to plan for this significant transition or “what’s next.”  My Next Season matches each executive with an Advisor and customized support resources to discern options, create a plan, and successfully transition to their next season.  My Next Season also recognizes that retired or transitioned executives, as ongoing ambassadors, continue to influence their former company’s reputation through their discussion of the company with others and their activity within the community. Committed to giving back as an organization, My Next Season also donates a portion of project revenue to not-for-profit endeavors as our expression of the collective good we can each do in our next seasons.

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Chief HR Officers

As a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), you are in the accountable role of ensuring your talent strategy mirrors your organization’s commitment to valuing people. That makes you responsible for ensuring that executives are well prepared to live into their next season as they transition out of your company. These executives have served your organizations steadfastly, for many years, often making numerous personal sacrifices to do so. The circle of organizational life requires retirement transitions to happen often and well, and no one is more accountable for the “well” part than CHROs.

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You have had a long and highly productive corporate career. If you are like most executives, it is hard to imagine life on the other side of your all-consuming corporate existence. The day-to-day definition of what is important and how time is spent will soon change. If you are like many, you feel both overwhelmed and hopeful at the same time. You also now have a unique opportunity to pause, discern, and transition from a life constructed around productivity to one oriented around purpose. My Next Season was created to support people like you, at one of the most important junctures of your adult life.

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CEO and Boards

You have never left important things to chance, and you know that hope is not a strategy. Ensuring your company values executives at the end of their lifecycle is as important as hiring well to begin with. Helping to transition executives is something to plan for and steward. These executives and their families have made years and decades of sacrifices in their effort to do everything within their power to ensure your company’s growth and success. Now is your turn to honor and respect them in ways that matter. My Next Season is your partner to ensure their retirement transition happens well.

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Not-for-profit organizations play a vital role in our communities and in our world. My Next Season has made serving its communities through not-for-profit partnerships, a centerpiece of its business strategy. My Next Season has a three pronged approach with its not-for-profit partners: financial support through donating a portion of project revenue in support of not-for-profit endeavors; sourcing of executive talent to match specific needs/issues; and engaging former executives as coaches, advisors and mentors to not-for-profit leaders.

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