Frank Berardi

Advisor | Former Director, Allstate

With three decades in the insurance industry and 15 years as an executive coach, Frank Berardi understands first-hand the challenges and opportunities that professionals at all levels face. After accepting early retirement from a fulfilling career at Allstate, Frank launched his

Frank’s unique combination of candor, warmth, and effective communication style puts his clients at ease. In the past, he has worked with executives at Stanford University’s Emerging Financial Officer Program, providing executive coaching and 360 feedback during their time on campus and remotely assisting them with implementation challenges.

Over the years, Frank has also been involved in various not-for-profit endeavors, including local school board activities and church service. He currently supports the Main Street Organization, which encourages business leaders to transform small town main streets into environments where local businesses can thrive. Frank graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Language and Education. He and his wife Jan live in Ormond Beach, Florida and have three children and nine grandchildren.


Advisor | Former Director, Allstate

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