Help Your Company's
Leaders Finish Well

MyNextSeason’s Executive Transition Support is a first-to-market solution, changing the paradigm of how companies transition leaders, regardless of the catalyst for the exit. Colleagues are watching and finishing well matters. We help companies with customized transition support that meets their unique needs. Some want to enable transition “thinking/planning” to help ensure executives “finish well.”
Others seek our help with smoothing exits. Still, other companies are navigating major restructuring or business integration, necessitating transitioning larger numbers of people with very little notice. And some are doing all of the above at the same time. We are here to help ensure all transitions uphold the company’s values of caring for its people, even as they prepare to exit.

Customize Your Support

One-on-One Transition Advising

Advisors are former senior executives who bring both process and empathy, supplementing their personal wisdom and experience, to ensure customized client support.

Rebranding: Resume, Bio, LinkedIn

Clients receive a resume, bio, and LinkedIn profile to position them optimally to achieve their next season goals.

Transition Support Services

Subject matter experts provide research and education on networking, boards, not-for-profit service, interest areas, and personal value proposition.

Health & Wellbeing Consultations

Renowned physicians and experts provide 1:1 support to reset and improve next season health: Health & Wellness, Sleep Consultations, or Caregiver Support.

Spouse/Partner Collaboration

Moving forward together to a shared next season requires intentionality and clarity on both shared and independent goals – our Advisors facilitate important conversations.


We're Here to Help You Achieve Your Goals

We look forward to serving your organization. Have a question that isn't listed here? Get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

What differentiates MyNextSeason support? +

Our clients express tremendous appreciation for the 1:1 advising support from former executive Advisors, a process for discerning what will be most fulfilling in their next season, and a team of subject matter experts to provide education, research, opportunity exploration, and wellness support. In addition, executives are not burdened by an expiration date for the support; they have the ability to start/stop services as needed for an extended “pause” or to address pressing work or personal concerns.

Who are your Advisors? +

MyNextSeason Advisors are former senior executives who are certified in our methodology and carefully selected for their coaching and listening skills, success navigating personal transitions, warmth, empathy, and flexibility.

In today’s employment climate, why is transition support valuable to my organization? +

Often there is a successor ready and a window to “retire” an incumbent, the need to move out a leader who just doesn’t fit, or an unforeseen scenario like COVID-19. Many companies are aggressively working on cost reduction, taking out layers and consolidating roles. These situations translate into the need to exit senior folks, and yet—in all cases—there is a desire to maintain or improve the company’s culture and reputation in how exits are handled.

Who are your clients? +

MyNextSeason partners with CHROs and companies who want to ensure that the process by which executives exit mirrors the company’s caring culture and honors their years of dedicated service. We are happy to provide references to our clients.

How does it work? What are contracting details? +

MyNextSeason offers clearly defined packages to provide varying levels of support based on the executive’s position within the organization or by the organization’s goals. Programs are customized to achieve the unique needs of each client and organization. Transition support is anchored in a methodology including The MyNextSeason Workbook and Your Next Season book, an online assessment, phone advising, videoconferences, and email support. Pricing is straightforward and there are no hidden costs.

Executive Transitions

Next Seasons

A glimpse into what our clients are doing now - in their own next seasons.

Former KPMG Vice Chair and Foundation Chair – Philanthropist, Coach, and Outdoor Hobbyist

Former Labcorp CEO - Making a Difference in Healthcare

Former KPMG Partner & Board Member - A New Role & Quality Time with Others

Former Estée Lauder CIO - Pursuing a Portfolio of Interests


Honor Those Who Have Served Your Organization


Executive Transition

MyNextSeason delivers a very positive and constructive process. More valuable than an outplacement service, it provides truly helpful resources to guide executives along the transition and help them discover fulfilling next chapters!

Sarah Street Former EVP and Chief Investment Officer, Strategy & Innovation Initiatives, XL Group

Executive Transition

I am so appreciative that Prudential invested in my transition in this way. It’s a major change, and I found the support very helpful and strongly recommend it to others!

Haroon Saeed Former Vice President, Corporate Compensation, Prudential Financial

Executive Transition

This is the best gift the firm could give retiring partners. I no longer feel like I am going through this retirement/transition process alone – but rather, I have a team of caring professionals guiding and supporting me. The resources provided are vast, and I am very excited to be working with MyNextSeason.

Ellen Parker Former Partner, KPMG