Executive Advising

The later stages of an executive’s career often require specific retention and development actions to benefit both the individual and the company. A valued executive who has long served in one role may need to move to a new role, or tweak aspects of how they lead, or be positioned for additional leadership or board roles outside the company—all in advance of a transition that may not occur for years to follow. HR leaders often seek help from a seasoned Executive Advisor to provide thoughtful, carefully constructed coaching/advising to ensure a positive outcome is reached with their senior-most people.

Examples Include:

  • Positioning an executive for a community leadership or for-profit board while continuing in their current role
  • Moving a Division Operating Head to a Group Executive role, such as Vice Chair
  • Ensuring and supporting an executive’s mentoring and successful transitioning of responsibilities to his or her successor
  • Helping an executive reengage with new leadership skills to manage their people while leaving some unhelpful managerial patterns behind

Customize Your Support

Executive Advising Program Components
  • Working 1 : 1 with a Dedicated Executive Advisor
  • MyNextSeason Modules
  • Timing and Duration Selected According to Need
  • Commitment to Confidentiality Parameters Defined Up Front
  • Success Measures Defined Up Front
  • Transition Tools, Processes, Colleagues Brought in Where Needed
  • Resume/Executive Summary/Bio Development for Executives Seeking Board Seats or Leadership Roles

Client Feedback

  • “My Advisor’s insights in understanding and shaping the arc of the career of a CEO are deep and invaluable. She has naturally extended her expertise in coaching CEOs to be their best during their careers, navigate new roles, or to help them prepare for the best ways to put their talents to use and to live with purpose after their formal careers end.”

    Trevor Fetter
    Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • “The insights and help shared by our MyNextSeason Advisor were priceless. She has fog lights that allow her to help people see the future clearly and make adjustments to set up what can be the best chapter in one’s life.”

    Edward Kangas
    Former Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
  • “Change, ultimately, is a matter of learning and adapting. And it often requires a mindset shift. But you may be more prepared than you realize. Think of all those finely honed capabilities you’ve developed: your ability to influence, to make tough calls based on instinct and judgment, to rally a team around a vision, to move an organization, to spot talent and help others rise higher. Dr. Leslie Braksick and her team have been a tremendous help to many of my colleagues and to me.”

    Susan P. Peters
    Former CHRO, General Electric Company

Why MyNextSeason?


Advisors delicately balance the relationships among client, company, and HR—to achieve outcomes that benefit all.


MyNextSeason customizes its Executive Advising processes to meet each client’s unique situation.


Because confidentiality is vitally important for this offering, MyNextSeason has systems in place to ensure complete discretion.

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