When executives transition out of a corporate role into their next season, the three things they most need are their health, openness to a newly defined purpose and companionship on the journey. Ironically, their fulfillment of corporate duties compromises each of these. Health.

One pattern well entrenched in the current generation of senior executives is corporate loyalty. If we consulted a dictionary, we would read such words as willing to do whatever it takes, devotion, faithfulness, allegiance, trustworthiness and dependability. Download article here

Like many of your peers, the finish-line years of your corporate career have been spent leading others and managing key programs. You are at the top of the pyramid. People want to know you and care what you think. Your approval is routinely sought. You feel important because your

Transitioning out of a corporate role necessitates re-invention, as few of the routines that dominated your career will continue into the next phase. It’s also easy to feel stressed. What will you do? How will you spend your time? This is where re-invention is… Download artic