Peter Wong

Caregiver Consultant | CEO, DNA & Associate

Peter Wong is a nationally known advocate, speaker, and advisor on caregiving with a passion for providing compassionate care to individuals who are in this challenging role.

Peter Wong is a nationally known speaker and advisor on caregiving with a passion for providing compassionate care to those in need. He has been a long-time consultant and advocate in this growing field—helping caregivers manage both financial and ethical decisions about their loved ones, as well as evaluating medical risks for treatment, procedures, and quality of life. He now leverages his expertise to educate individuals, employers, health organizations, and faith leaders regarding practical solutions that help caregivers take on this rewarding and often challenging role, and balance it with their own needs and goals. He co-authored the bestselling book, The Caregiver’s Toolbox, helping corporate employers improve effectiveness, quality, and health among caregivers, who make up nearly 60% of many corporate populations.

For nearly 30 years, Peter has worked with regulated industries in healthcare and financial services. He is currently CEO of DNA & Associates which provides consulting, coaching, and caregiving services. He previously served Fortune 500 companies as part of KPMG’s national healthcare practice, helping clients grow their organizations with strong strategy, sustainable processes and controls, and robust risk management. He has also provided subject matter knowledge and guidance to leading healthcare organizations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, Baptist Healthcare, Merck, and the American Red Cross.

Peter earned a BA in Marketing and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State University). He and his wife live in Buena Vista, Colorado. Peter enjoys being a grandfather, spending time with his family, fishing, and playing pickleball.


Caregiver Consultant | CEO, DNA & Associate

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