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Retirement Transitions

Retirement transitions are among the most significant for executives who have been heads-down working tirelessly on behalf of their employers until the day they walk out the door. Most have had little time to contemplate “what’s next,” and for many the timing may not be of their choice. The stress of transition is further exacerbated by well-intended friends, former colleagues, and family members who feel compelled to ask, “So, what are you doing next?” MyNextSeason provides a process in individualized caring support to help you discern, prepare for, and navigate your transition.

Customize Your Support

Retirement Transition Program Components
  • Dedicated Advisor
  • The MyNextSeason Workbook
  • Your Next Season  Book
  • Personal Preferences Online Inventory
  • Transition Plan Development
  • Bio Development
  • Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Opportunity Research & Exploration
  • Health & Wellness Consultation
  • Spouse/Partner Collaboration
  • Board Membership Networking
  • Ambassador Connection
  • Professional Profile Packet
  • Ghostwriting Services
  • Opportunity Networking
  • Executive Transition Advising

Client Feedback

  • “Without MyNextSeason support, I would’ve been tempted to jump on some early opportunities that didn’t fit with my priorities and goals. Instead, I’m now teaching, consulting, and serving as an ‘executive-on-loan’ working with the CEO of an international not-for-profit. This engagement resulted from introductions made by MyNextSeason and is something I’ve always wanted to experience.”

    Former Global Company Communications Executive, Procter & Gamble
  • “This process was 100 times more helpful than I’d anticipated before starting! I received practical support from day one and had a team that helped me craft the fundamentals for my networking: bio, resume, and LinkedIn. The team did a great job taking me from zero to fully functional in an amazingly short time frame. This was something I couldn’t have done on my own so thoroughly or efficiently…EVER!”

    Sharon Daley
    Former Vice President, Human Resources – Alstom Integration, General Electric Company
  • “I wish I had thought about my retirement sooner—even five years earlier. There are many things I would have done differently. It’s natural to become increasingly focused on work as your career progresses, but it’s important to begin thinking about your post-corporate life while your networks are still intact. My Advisor was extremely helpful and the team provided valuable information, support, and board interview preparation.”

    Neil Cotty
    Former Chief Accounting Officer, Bank of America
  • “The value add of MyNextSeason was the relationship with my Advisor and his ability to instantly adjust the depth and breadth of services to my needs. Because of shared experience, we spoke the same language; he understood where I was coming from and what I’d been through! I consider myself incredibly lucky to have received this support and this Advisor.”

    Bob Rupp
    Former EVP and Chief Risk Officer, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Why MyNextSeason?


Advisors are ex-executives, certified in our methodology. This combination allows them to provide wisdom and empathy based on personal and life experiences similar to their clients’.


The MyNextSeason process provides a comprehensive, disciplined approach to this significant transition, ensuring complete and thorough discernment. Advisors are adept at balancing structure and flexibility based on each client’s personal needs.


Executives benefit from a dedicated, hand-selected team of disciplinary experts to supplement work with their Advisor including rebranding, research, networking, recruiting, board, not-for-profit, and even health and wellness support as needed to reach next season goals.

Our Support. Your Next Season.

Find which solution is best for your transition.

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