My Next Season Publishes First Book
Your Next Season

Your Next Season

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A ground-breaking book of its kind, Your Next Season: Advice for Executives Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons, provides executives with:

Unvarnished advice for the single greatest transition in an executive’ adult life:  retirement
Findings from hundreds of interviews with executives, providing insights and advice
Guide book on how to transition from an all-consuming corporate role to a fulfilling and rewarding Next Season

Your Next Season has received endorsements from preeminent Chief Human Resource Officers including: GE, American Express, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Ingersoll Rand, Tenet Healthcare and Lear Corporation.

Additional endorsements have been submitted by (Retired) Executives from Bank of America, Allina Health, ExxonMobil, Estee Lauder, MSA, Merrill Lynch, Delta Airlines, GE, Wells Fargo, and others.


Praise for Your Next Season:

“Pure demographics suggest we are at the leading edge of a massive exodus of incredibly successful executives from the C-suites of corporations all over the world. Your Next Season provides a roadmap to these transitions that is at once provocative and practical. Great companies understand that by helping their most talented executives navigate their Next Season, they benefit their brands, their culture, and their bottom lines.”

Kevin Cox, Chief Human Resources Officer
The American Express Company

“This book is essential reading for any executive who is contemplating or already in transition. As someone who has recently made that turn, I can attest that the advice, strategies, and words of wisdom are spot on. My anxiety over the transition quickly turned to excitement for a purpose-filled Next Season.”

Burnet Tucker, Retired, HR Executive
Bank of America Corporation

“I read the entire book—I loved it! So many essential truths are woven through this book of wise advice. I think everyone who is about to retire should read it! Retirement can be exciting and new, and Leslie Braksick and Bill Innes give the reader all the elements to consider during this major life transition. They outline the difficulties and offer practical solutions while inspiring new perspectives that facilitate an extraordinary life.”

Lynne Greene, Retired, Group President
The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.

“As you prepare for a post-work world, Drs. Braksick and Innes help you navigate the transition to a new stage of life, one filled with purpose and meaning. Strengthening and renewing relationships, hobbies, and activities you loved from earlier years, coupled with new learnings, giving back, and doing what brings you joy . . . the choices are endless as you finally have the gift of time. It is a must-read for anyone contemplating their Next Season.

Kathy Cassidy, Retired, Senior Vice President and Treasurer
General Electric Company

“‘Yoda is the word that aptly implies the wisdom contained in Drs. Braksick and Innes’ Your Next Season: Advice for Executives on Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons. If you are headed toward a change of seasons, do yourself a huge favor—read this book, and act on it! Not only will you have the wisdom of Yoda from the two authors who are fonts of wisdom, but you will benefit from the dozens of lessons shared from clients just like you who they have counseled over the decades. This is by far the best inspirational and practical guide I have read on this topic. Applying the lessons shared herein will change your life!”

David Simms, President
Olive Tree Impact Foundation
Former Executive Chairman and President, Opportunity International

“Drs. Bill Innes and Leslie Braksick have written a book that should be read by all executives. All executives will face the decisions that Drs. Innes and Braksick discuss in Your Next Season. Unfortunately, many executives put off these decisions – and the requisite planning that goes into them – far too long. Multiple personal examples from real life executives will make it clear that using the principals and actions described in Your Next Season will help enhance an executive’s next position and/or retirement.”

Wood Parker, Chairman, Leadership Development Council
Global Good Fund