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Young Professionals

Whether you are a college student or early career professional, creating an action plan based on increased self-awareness, mastery of critical skills, and conversations with an experienced mentor has benefits that will last a lifetime.

You may be seeking clarity on career choices, direction, or whether to pursue advanced education. Maybe your college’s career counseling center is less than optimal. Or perhaps you’re relatively new at your organization and want to maximize your prospects for advancement and personal fulfillment. On top of that, you may also be contemplating what aspects of your “purpose” can be found through work and what must be fulfilled elsewhere.

MyNextSeason provides a proven program to help you gain objective insights and receive caring support and personalized guidance. Rebrand yourself. Refine your interviewing skills. Master giving and receiving feedback. Prepare yourself to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. Develop an action plan for your career and life of purpose. Let’s get started!


Transition Solution

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