Not-for-Profit Organizations

Next Season Purposed

Not-for-profit organizations play a vital role in our communities and in our world. My Next Season has made serving its communities through not-for-profit partnerships, a centerpiece of its business strategy. My Next Season has a three pronged approach with its not-for-profit partners: financial support through donating a portion of project revenue in support of not-for-profit endeavors; sourcing of executive talent to match specific needs/issues; and engaging former executives as coaches, advisors and mentors to not-for-profit leaders.

Each executive will be given the option to designate a portion of the My Next Season donation to a not-for-profit partner of his/her choosing. These contributions will be given in honor and celebration of the executive’s successful career.

In addition, My Next Season maintains an inventory of strategic needs its not-for-profit partners have, so it may help bring executive skills sets to areas of real need by the leadership and boards of their partners. Sourcing executive talent to help not-for-profit leaders solve problems as well as matching executives as coaches and mentors to less senior not-for-profit leaders is a win-win for both the not-for-profit organizations and the executives. It takes the words “giving back” and “investing in future leaders” to a whole new level.