Next Season Realized

image-executivesYou have had a long and highly productive corporate career. If you are like most executives, it is hard to imagine life on the other side of your all-consuming corporate existence. The day-to-day definition of what is important and how time is spent will soon change. If you are like many, you feel both overwhelmed and hopeful at the same time. You also now have a unique opportunity to pause, discern, and transition from a life constructed around productivity to one oriented around purpose. My Next Season was created to support people like you, at one of the most important junctures of your adult life.

My Next Season Advisors have walked in your shoes and have lived into their next seasons. They stand ready to partner with you as you reflect and prepare for where you are called to be next. They will help you inventory your interests and skills and put together a plan for one of the most important transitions of your life. Your next season is just around the corner. We look forward to working with you.