Chief HR Officers

Next Season Enabled

image-hrofficersAs a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), you are in the accountable role of ensuring your talent strategy mirrors your organization’s commitment to valuing people. That makes you responsible for ensuring that executives are well prepared to live into their next season as they transition out of your company. These executives have served your organizations steadfastly, for many years, often making numerous personal sacrifices to do so. The circle of organizational life requires retirement transitions to happen often and well, and no one is more accountable for the “well” part than CHROs.

My Next Season is designed to be integrated into your human resource strategy. Whether retirements are anticipated well in advance or come up quickly, My Next Season stands ready to partner with you to ensure your leaders transition well to their next season.

Our three packages have been designed to cover a wide spectrum of needs from modest levels of transition support (with our Core package) to more robust support (with our Premium package). It is important to have ambassadors for your company out there in the community. Recruitment, retention and motivation of existing employees are all negatively impacted when they observe colleagues ill-treated at the end of their careers. Ensure company culture and morale are not negatively impacted by poor transition support, on your watch. Respect your leaders enough to help them achieve, well, their first next season.