Chief Executive Officers & Boards of Directors

Next Season Honored

image-ceo&boardsYou have never left important things to chance, and you know that hope is not a strategy. Ensuring your company values executives at the end of their lifecycle is as important as hiring well to begin with. Helping to transition executives is something to plan for and steward. These executives and their families have made years and decades of sacrifices in their effort to do everything within their power to ensure your company’s growth and success. Now is your turn to honor and respect them in ways that matter. My Next Season is your partner to ensure their retirement transition happens well.

Contract with My Next Season so these executives have:

  • Dedicated Advisors
  • Personal Preferences Online Inventory
  • Transition Plan Development
  • My Next Season Workbook and App
  • Next season opportunity support such as Biographical Sketch Development, Health & Wellness Session, Spouse/Partner Session, Professional Profile Packet, Ghost Writing Services, Not-for-Profit Engagement, Ambassador Connection, Board Membership Networking, Opportunity Networking, etc. (depending upon package selected)
  • Access to a community of other retiring corporate executives
  • Additional support services necessary to make their next season a joyful and fulfilling one: Additional Sessions with Advisor, Health & Wellness Sessions with Medical Concierge, Ghost Writing Services

There is no better way to showcase your company’s commitment to its people and society than by enabling your retiring executives to apply their talents, cultivated and enriched in their corporate careers, to better the lives of others. My Next Season is your partner to ensure this is a reality.