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John T. Landry

John T. Landry

Senior Writer

John T. Landry is a business writer and historian with experience in a variety of media, from blogs and conferences to articles and books. He is adept at taking a mass of detail and distilling the story or key insights that readers will find useful. At My Next Season, John conducts in-depth interviews to craft articles, white papers, and/or memoirs for clients repositioning themselves for next season goals. John’s education and experience have positioned him to work effectively and collaboratively with clients in career transition.

From 1996 to 2009, John served in a variety of roles at Harvard Business Review (HBR). As an HBR editor, John worked closely with authors to bring out their ideas with clarity and impact, often ghostwriting most or all of the article. He was elevated to business development editor, a senior position in which he was responsible for overseeing the magazine’s syndication business. While continuing as a contributing editor at HBR, John has also worked as an independent business writer of blogs, articles, and books, as well as commissioned histories.

John earned a bachelor’s degree in humanities from the University of Chicago and a PhD in economic history from Brown University. In addition, he served as a research associate at Harvard Business School.