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Encouraging ‘A Next Season’ for Global CEOs and Non-Profit Leaders

October 31, 2017
International Policy Digest had a conversation with Co-Founder Mark Linsz and Senior Advisor Vicki Escarra of My Next Season about the challenges facing transitioning executives, the future of the “business of philanthropy,” and advice for those about to transition.


It’s Your New Show, Not Your Encore

October 2017
As you transition out of your corporate role or entrepreneurial endeavor, set aside expectations to match or exceed what you “used to do” and discern and choose intentionally from the endless possibilities for your next season. In “It’s Your New Show, Not Your Encore,” Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Dr. Leslie Braksick encourages transitioning executives to take their gifts and talents and write a brand new script for where and how they’d like to use them next.

My Next Season Welcomes Vicki Escarra

September 21, 2017
My Next Season is pleased to announce that Vicki Escarra has joined the organization as an Advisory Board member and Senior Advisor. Vicki brings a unique breadth of experience from the not-for-profit and private sectors having served as Global CEO of Opportunity International, CEO of Feeding America, and Chief Marketing Officer of Delta Airlines. We are thrilled to have her on our team and excited about the many gifts she brings to our transitioning clients, partner organizations, and team.


Learn to Find Fulfillment in Life After Work

August 2017
In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Dr. Leslie Braksick, My Next Season Co-Founder and Senior Partner, shares her thoughts about why it is often so difficult for executives to transition or retire from their corporate careers. Braksick offers important questions for executives to consider and sage advice for finding a next season filled with joy and purpose.

Workforce Magazine Q & A with Your Next Season Co-Author, Bill Innes

July 2017
Bill Innes, Retired President of ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, recently co-authored Your Next Season: Advice for Executives Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons with My Next Season Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Dr. Leslie Braksick. He recently shared with Workforce Magazine his insights on successfully navigating the transition from corporate career to a next season of joy and fulfillment.


Glimpses of Grace

July 2017
In “Glimpses of Grace,” My Next Season Co-Founder and Senior Partner Dr. Leslie Braksick invites executives who are re-inventing themselves post-retirement to remember the power of simply being. Times of transition offer opportunities to slow down and become more intentional about time, conversations, and living in the present moment. Unlock the joy and grace which are in abundance in the world around and within by simply being!

A Prescription for Your Health

July 2017
Dr. Jennifer Daley, My Next Season’s Medical Concierge, offers prescriptive suggestions for resetting your nutrition and stress management during your retirement in this excerpt from Your Next Season: Advice for Executives on Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons.

About Public Board Directorship

June 2017
Considering becoming a Board Director in your next season? In this excerpt from Your Next Season: Advice for Executives on Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons, Debbie Dellinger – My Next Season’s Director of External Engagement – shares helpful statistics and current market information for you to consider when designing a successful path to a board seat.

The Reality of the Early Days

May 2017
In this excerpt from Your Next Season: Advice for Executives on Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons, John Thiel, Former Head of Merrill Lynch, shares the challenges and conflicting emotions from the early days of his retirement. He offers specific unvarnished advice to peers about how to approach the transition and how to successfully navigate the first few months.

My Next Season Publishes First Book

May 2017
Your Next Season: Advice for Executives on Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons provides executives with unvarnished advice for the single greatest transition they will face in their adult lives: retirement. The book shares findings from hundreds of interviews with executives and provides insights and advice in their own words, on how to transition from an all-consuming corporate role to a fulfilling and rewarding next season.

Prioritizing Your Wellness in Your Next Season

May 2017
Executive transitions afford the time and opportunity to make proactive choices that support whole health like scheduling regular doctor visits, eating healthy, staying active, getting enough sleep and managing stress. My Next Season not-for-profit partner, Common Threads, believes that family and food have the power to nurture and strengthen us, to connect us, and teach and excite us about the world. Treating food as fuel for the body, planning ahead, and cooking at home with loved ones are the “common threads” and are instrumental in making healthy choices.


Reaching for the Next Rung

April 2017
“Reaching for the Next Rung” keeps executives moving forward, growing, and leaning in rather than stagnating in their current role. Having a clear vision toward the future provides strength that impacts others’ success and future potential as well. Organizational growth, development, and success are underpinned by executives reaching for what’s next, even when they cannot clearly see it.

Connecting is the New Networking

February 2017
Networking is so commonplace, and yet most are at a loss as to how to do it, and do it well. Friend of My Next Season, Gary Frey, offers a fresh perspective and inspiration for incorporating a comprehensive strategy with a holistic, other-centric approach for making meaningful “connections” and perhaps even enjoying yourself on the journey.


Your First Next Season

January 2017
Executives in transition are accustomed to being decisive and having a plan and, therefore, might feel as those there is a “right choice” for their Next Season. The pressure to “choose correctly” might even be a bit paralyzing. Realizing that this is only their first Next Season, not their only Next Season, and taking the time to explore options and opportunities is imperative to landing well post-transition!


Don’t Leave Well Enough Alone – Leave Well!

October 2016
When it comes time to transition out of your role, many executives have the gift of advance knowledge and time to prepare for the succession. Some are even invited into the conversation about who succeeds them. Regardless of your degree of involvement in your transition, know this: a big part of your legacy will be how your successor finds the organization/function/team after you depart.


Your Spouse Has a Next Season, Too

July 2016
Anxiety that so often accompanies an executive’s transition, such as retirement, manifests itself in questions deep inside: Who am I now? What will I do next? . . . What is often forgotten is that spouses and partners – especially those who have foregone careers to be the at-home parent-in-charge – experience the exact same stressors.


No Place for Shoulds in Retirement

April 2016
Retirement transitions are hard enough without the “helpful” advice generously doled out by former colleagues, neighbors and friends. Such advice usually includes the “s” word: should.
This article was written, by request, to address retiring women specifically. Please note, however, the “shoulds” of transitioning out of a corporate job or leadership role are experienced to varying degrees by both men and women; the encouragement and advice included here is universal.


Your Unsung Hero

January 2016
Any victory requires the support of a village. Business – not to mention life – is a team sport, and every successful leader has a dedicated supporting cast who helps them get there. Within that cast, there is one unsung hero who stands above all others in enabling an executive’s success – the spouse.

New Year’s Resolutions? Begin with Daily Intentions

January 2016
Even for a goal-directed executive like yourself, New Year’s resolutions often fall away by mid-January. It’s something that many of us struggle with. My Next Season’s Medical Concierge, Dr. Jennifer Daley, reframes the typical New Year’s Resolutions into “Intentions” we can work at achieving each day. We hope that you will find her practical suggestions both helpful and motivating!

Voices of Conviction and Courage

Winter 2016
We are proud to share Biola University’s interview with My Next Season Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner, Mark Linsz, on the topic of leading with integrity – part of a series on Faith and Finance.


Work/Life Balance

October 2015
When a couple takes the vow of matrimony, they bring hopes and expectations to their union: eternal love, prosperity, good health, and perhaps a family. Generally those topics are explicitly discusses, both pre-nuptial. Couples also bring a host of implicit expectations to their marriage that go unvoiced until those expectations are unmet. Specifically, I’m talking about expecations for work/life balance.


Reinvent Yourself

July 2015
Transitioning out of a corporate role necessitates re-invention, as few of the routines that dominated your career will continue into the next phase. It’s also easy to feel stressed. What will you do? How will you spend your time? This is where re-invention is…


What’s Your Encore?

April 2015
Like many of your peers, the finish-line years of your corporate career have been spent leading others and managing key programs. You are at the top of the pyramid. People want to know you and care what you think. Your approval is routinely sought. You feel important because your are important. And while all of that is demanding and stressful, it is incredibly reinforcing. Some would describe…


Corporate Loyalty

January 2015
One pattern well entrenched in the current generation of senior executives is corporate loyalty. If we consulted a dictionary, we would read such words as willing to do whatever it takes, devotion, faithfulness, allegiance, trustworthiness and dependability.

There would be pages of examples such as: working endless hours; taking calls at all hours; having phones at ears during children’s sporting events; re-routing vacation plans to…


Bank of America’s Former Treasurer Finds a Start-Up Gig

October 2014
Mark Linsz, a longtime top executive of Bank of America Corp., has found a second career: helping other executives find their own second careers.

Mr. Linsz left the bank this summer to co-found My Next Season, which matches retiring executives with post-corporate endeavors, like teaching or offering business advice to nonprofits. …


Reactivating Muscle Memory

October 2014
Transitioning from an intense, all-on corporate leadership role to retirement requires executives to alter well-entrenched patterns of behavior. The most obvious and often most feared change is around time and deciding where to channel energies.

Calendars controlled by elusive electronic schedulers go away. While there is great relief from the addiction to the almighty Outlook, some find themselves knotted up at the prospect of needing to make the determination of where to spend their time. …


An Opportunity to Reset

June 2014
When executives transition out of a corporate role into their next season, the three things they most need are their health, openness to a newly defined purpose and companionship on the journey. Ironically, their fulfillment of corporate duties compromises each of these.

■ Health. Many executives put their own health on hold as they travel around the world crossing time zones back and forth, doing the business of the business. For growing companies, “busy quarters” turn into “busy years” and success comes with increased demands and pressures. …


Preparing for Your Next Season

March 2014
When you are in the heat of the battle as a corporate executive, it’s hard to imagine what’s on the other side. Your life is consumed with phone calls, meetings, travel, dinners out, presentations, explanations, expense reports and budgets.

There are endless requests for your time and point of view. It is a relentlessly busy, all-consuming lifestyle. …