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Preparing for your next season — Finding a new purpose beyond the corporate world

March 31, 2014
When you are in the heat of the battle as a corporate executive, it’s hard to imagine what’s on the other side. Your life is consumed with phone calls, meetings, travel, dinners out, presentations, explanations, expense reports and budgets.

There are endless requests for your time and point of view. It is a relentlessly busy, all-consuming lifestyle. …

The tools you relinquish are the tools you most need in retirement

June 26, 2014
When executives transition out of a corporate role into their next season, the three things they most need are their health, openness to a newly defined purpose and companionship on the journey. Ironically, their fulfillment of corporate duties compromises each of these.

■ Health. Many executives put their own health on hold as they travel around the world crossing time zones back and forth, doing the business of the business. For growing companies, “busy quarters” turn into “busy years” and success comes with increased demands and pressures. …

Reactivating networking muscle memory

October 2, 2014
Transitioning from an intense, all-on corporate leadership role to retirement requires executives to alter well-entrenched patterns of behavior. The most obvious and often most feared change is around time and deciding where to channel energies.

Calendars controlled by elusive electronic schedulers go away. While there is great relief from the addiction to the almighty Outlook, some find themselves knotted up at the prospect of needing to make the determination of where to spend their time. …