Our Impact

My Next Season has constructed a unique business model, structured to have a strong positive impact on not only the executives, but their companies and communities as well. By designing a program that incorporates all three entities, My Next Season is able to create strong relationships between each for their mutual benefit.

The benefits of My Next Season’s holistic approach to the transitioning executive are immense. Advantages include:

  • Helping alleviate retirement anxiety, with a focus on purpose, community, health and relationships
  • Developing a plan for the next season (e.g. joining a for-profit board, mentoring not-for-profit executives, health and wellness, speaking and writing)

In addition to helping the transitioning executive, the benefits of My Next Season to a company include:

  • Helping with the company’s human capital transition planning by creating a sustainable path for retirement that increases the likelihood of success for the next generation of executives
  • Increasing a company’s branding and attractiveness to talent; millennials in particular are looking for companies whose actions match their stated values

My Next Season will empower select non-profit organizations and facilitate community by:

  • Donating a portion of project revenue to not-for-profit endeavors, including a designation in honor of the supported executive
  • Sourcing executive talent to help not-for-profit leaders solve problems and matching executives as coaches and mentors to less senior non-profit leaders