Our Company

My Next Season was created in response to the high volume of busy executives retiring from companies with little to no time to plan for this significant transition or “what’s next.” Executives, who have clarity on how they want to spend their time, report being non-anxious as they make the most significant transition of their adult lives and achieve greater fulfillment on the other side. My Next Season matches executives with an Advisor and customized support resources so executives gain personal insights, discern options, create a plan, and begin the transition to their first next season. Caring well for executives at the end of their corporate lifecycle allows companies a visible way to walk their talk on valuing people. Such consistency between words and actions is something millennials watch carefully. In addition, company recruitment and retention efforts are greatly helped by having ambassadors in their retiree population versus those bitter and vocal about lack of care shown by their long-time employer at the end of their careers.

My Next Season consists of an incredible team of experts who have themselves navigated this transition and who understand the subtleties that determine the success or failure of executive retirement transitions. Co-Founders Mark Linsz and Dr. Leslie Braksick spent more than two decades leading, developing, coaching, advising, and being executives on the “productivity” side of the equation. Now they have developed a company that puts “transitioning well” as the centerpiece of the company. Using proprietary tools and processes, they help executives transition to and begin their next season with a renewed understanding of their gifts and talents. With this knowledge, executives can move from a life driven by corporate structures and productivity to one that is anchored in intentionality and purpose.