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Young Professionals

You are working through important questions: How should I direct my career? How do I position myself for success and advancement? You wish to accelerate your readiness and capability for advancement in your career.

ProjectYou is an extension of MyNextSeason focused on helping college students and young professionals alike find clarity, optimism, and purpose both personally and professionally. Please see the videos below for more information and be sure to check out the ProjectYou website at

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Client Feedback

  • “Working with my Advisor was hugely valuable – she offered a fresh, professional, unbiased perspective that helped me focus my next career move and think through work/life balance and expectations. The assessment, process, and tools are incredibly helpful to anyone who is early in their career and considering other types of work and/or companies.”

    Rob Kelly
    Program Director, Junior Achievement of Greater Washington
  • “My Advisor helped me think critically about skills I will need throughout my career and changed the way I look at and approach networking. Spending time discussing pieces of my career at depth with someone who had been through similar events and had more experience and perspective has proven to be well worth the time and investment already.”

    Doug Dellinger
    Associate, PE Firm
  • “The MyNextSeason pros always had my back and best interests in mind. When I got a job relatively quickly, my Advisor effortlessly shifted gears to help me adjust to a new position in a completely new industry! She used her extensive corporate experience to give me honest opinions and wake-up calls, where needed, to help this 20-something successfully launch a new career.”

    Caroline Muse
    Sales Associate, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis
  • “As an undergraduate considering a change in career path, I benefited greatly from my Advisor’s wealth of experience, varied positions, international experience, and personal connections. She is highly invested in seeing me succeed, which is a great feeling when I do not yet know in what field that success might come. She has helped reduce my anxiety and allowed me to approach change with a positive mindset.”

    James Bergman
    Student, Furman University

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Young professionals deserve insightful, objective, caring career advice. We exist to provide it.


We help companies take actions that retain and inspire Early Career professionals—impacting satisfaction and retention.


Young professionals can have both meaningful work and purpose. We help them achieve this.

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