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The Powerlessness of Pandemic Planning
June 9, 2020

Three months ago, I was making lots of exciting plans. After 9 months interning with My Next Season, it was almost…

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Marty Gervasi Joins My Next Season as Senior Advisor
May 14, 2020

Former Fortune 100 CHRO Joins Growing Firm Supporting Transitioning Executives…

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4 Steps for Picking a Job
April 3, 2020

In the transition from school to workforce, many young people, like myself, find themselves at a crossroads,

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Starting Over When You’re Starting Out
February 11, 2020

Life is full of transitions. As a college graduate who recently moved from small town Mississippi to the city of

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Finishing Well, Starting New
May 10, 2019

May marks the conclusion of my yearlong role as a Charlotte Fellow and My Next Season Intern. This year has

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Change of Plan
March 26, 2019

As an undergraduate, declaring a major induced a bit of anxiety, given the pressure college students feel

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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out
February 20, 2019

My oldest daughter, Ashley, was preparing for her first internship. How could I help her? I was bursting with

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The Power of an Internship Early in Your Career
December 27, 2018

Choosing to change courses slightly and pursue an internship after graduating college has proven to be very beneficial

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What Do I Have to Offer? Early Career Professionals and Reciprocal Networking
December 20, 2018

Every day I have conversations with young professionals who are working hard to figure out what their next career

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John Thiel Joins My Next Season as Senior Advisor
November 7, 2018

John Thiel, widely admired financial services leader who steered iconic investment firm Merrill Lynch…

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