By: Mark Linsz | Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner

Marty Gervasi Joins MyNextSeason as Senior Advisor
May 14, 2020

Former Fortune 100 CHRO Joins Growing Firm Supporting Transitioning Executives…

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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out
February 20, 2019

My oldest daughter, Ashley, was preparing for her first internship. How could I help her? I was bursting with

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MyNextSeason Advisors John Thiel & Peter Lichtenthal to Speak at Social Capital
February 12, 2019

John Thiel, MyNextSeason Partner and Senior Advisor, will join a distinguished roster of thought leaders at Social

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Your Best Days Are Not Over
November 29, 2018

When I retired from Bank of America, a question kept nagging at me: “Are my best days behind me?” At the time, I

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John Thiel Joins MyNextSeason as Senior Advisor
November 7, 2018

John Thiel, widely admired financial services leader who steered iconic investment firm Merrill Lynch…

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And Now for Something Completely Different
February 7, 2018

“I’m a finance person – I can’t start a non-financial company.” This is what first went through my mind…

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MyNextSeason Welcomes Vicki Escarra
September 21, 2017

MyNextSeason is pleased to announce that Vicki Escarra has joined the organization as an Advisory Board member and Senior Advisor. Vicki brings a…

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Pausing and Reprioritizing: It Changed My Life
June 13, 2017

In mid-2012, I reflected on the past five years. At the time, I was Treasurer of Bank of America…

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Stretching Yourself at a Crossroads
January 22, 2015

One of the best pieces of advice that I have received was while I was at a crossroads in my career.

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Giving Back
December 18, 2014

Throughout my 27 years at Bank of America, I often thought about how I could “give back”?

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