By: Dr. Jennifer Daley | FACP, Medical Concierge

A Prescription for Your Health
July 2, 2017

Dr. Jennifer Daley, MyNextSeason’s Medical Concierge, offers prescriptive suggestions for resetting your nutrition and stress management during your retirement in this excerpt from…

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Prioritizing Your Wellness in Your Next Season
May 1, 2017

Executive transitions afford the time and opportunity to make proactive choices that support whole health like scheduling regular doctor visits, eating healthy, staying…

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New Year’s Resolutions? Begin with Daily Intentions
January 1, 2016

Even for a goal-directed executive like yourself, New Year’s resolutions often fall away by mid-January. It’s something that many of us struggle with….

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Hitting Reset for Your Health
June 23, 2015

As an executive, you’ve spent sleepless nights mentally preparing, planning, or worrying about big meetings, big

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