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7. November 2018

John Thiel Joins MyNextSeason as Senior Advisor

John Thiel, widely admired financial services leader who steered iconic investment firm Merrill Lynch through a period of unprecedented change, including the acquisition by Bank of America, has joined MyNextSeason as Senior Advisor.

In his role as Senior Advisor, John will advance the company’s mission of supporting executives and early career professionals as they navigate career transitions, partnering with individuals and companies to ensure those transitions happen well.

“Throughout his career, John has brought leadership insights and capabilities to the businesses he ran, the leaders and advisors he coached, and the clients Merrill served,” said Mark Linsz, MyNextSeason Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner. “We are so honored to have John on our team and are excited for what is possible together.”

John’s deep caring and understanding of people guided his 28 years at Merrill Lynch. As Head of the Wealth Management group, he oversaw a $15-billion business with 23,000 employees. After the financial crisis, it was clear that clients wanted more than relative performance, and John led the change at Merrill Lynch from a primarily performance-based approach to one of goals-based wealth management, designed to help clients achieve their desired outcomes. This sparked an industry-wide shift in the way financial advisors served clients. Keeping his focus on people, John managed complex relationships, mobilized a global workforce, and reestablished trust with both clients and the public following the financial crisis.

John then served as Vice Chairman of Global Wealth and Investment Management before retiring from Merrill Lynch, partnering with MyNextSeason during his transition. His experience walking through and learning from the MyNextSeason process during his own career transition uniquely positions him to recognize and anticipate his clients’ needs and concerns.

“There is no substitute for empathy for clients,” John notes. “I try to live by the Golden Rule and built my career on the belief that the client’s interest always comes first.”

John will carry his client-centered philosophy with him into his own next season as Senior Advisor as he supports executives seeking to transition well, whether into retirement or another career chapter. He will also communicate to companies the necessity of supporting their employees during such transitions.

“People devote a significant portion of their time, energy, efforts, and passion to companies, often at the expense of their time with family, hobbies, health, and spiritual well-being,” John says. “We as a business community need to ensure that when it’s time for them to transition away there’s a split mechanism in place to help them do that naturally and smoothly. That is what MyNextSeason does.”

Recognizing that supporting employees and ensuring they land well after retirement is not only the right thing to do, but also a business imperative, John will be a clear, experienced voice on the subject. He understands that companies wishing to retain their best and brightest talent need to demonstrate their care for their employees.

“My passion is to help people. It’s what I’m wired to do. I’m drawn to what MyNextSeason does for clients and companies, and I look forward to helping make the people we work with as successful as possible.”

John Thiel joins a team of seasoned, successful corporate executives from a wide range of industries who have themselves made the transition from high-demand jobs to purposeful next seasons as Advisors. Clients in transition are carefully matched with a MyNextSeason Advisor and team of professionals to help them discern, prepare for, and pursue their next season.

“We had the honor of supporting John as a MyNextSeason client and observed firsthand how much he loved his career at Merrill and how excited he was to continue growing, learning, and serving others,” said Leslie Braksick, MyNextSeason Co-Founder and Senior Partner. “John’s DNA is perfect for MyNextSeason, and our entire team is so excited to collaborate and grow the firm together.”

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