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7. February 2018

And Now for Something Completely Different

by Mark Linsz, Co-Founder & Senior Managing Partner

“I’m a finance person – I can’t start a non-financial company.”

This is what first went through my mind when my now business partner, Leslie, encouraged me to co-found a company with her after working in banking for 27 years. The company would focus on helping executives transition with purpose. Ironically, I was in the midst of a major transition and not sure what to do next.

Initially, I thought I’d find my way back to finance and risk management – maybe for a smaller bank or even non-profit. Thankfully, I realized that I had put myself in a very narrow “box.” This transition gave me an opportunity to try something that I had always wanted to do (start a company) and to dream again.

As you contemplate your next transition, think outside your “box.” Think about what you love to do, what you have always wanted to do, and where you can make a difference.

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