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10. February 2015

Sharing Our Stories

by Leslie W. Braksick, PhD MPH, Co-Founder and Senior Partner, MyNextSeason

If we had to pick just one thing that we knew would be incredibly helpful in expediting the development of young professionals and leaders, it would be to capture, sequence, and re-present more senior leader’s stories about their experiences and lessons learned.

People do not easily retain facts, stats, or statements of information, but they always remember well told stories. We learn from stories. They touch our hearts and souls. We come to know people more deeply through their stories. Others’ stories help us avoid making some of the same mistakes — freeing up more time for us to make different mistakes. Life is a series of experiences that can be shared as powerful and memorable stories.

Those who have transitioned out of companies have many powerful stories and are ready to share them to the benefit of others.

One of the things we do at MyNextSeason is to pair executives who have transitioned out of corporate roles with leaders who are earlier in their career. We have a particular passion for partnering senior executives who have transitioned out of for-profit companies with not-for-profit leaders who do not typically have access to leadership mentoring of that caliber. The benefits for both are profound. The executives are incredibly reinforced by the opportunity to make their experiences and skinned knees count for something more… and the not-for-profit leaders are sponges, soaking up the stories, learnings, and perspectives they would otherwise not have access to.

Look for our next blogs, written by such an executive (former CEO of a for-profit company) and the not-for-profit CEO he is mentoring. They have each found that sharing and hearing stories about experiences and lessons learned has been invaluable. This is a model we are committed to replicating at MyNextSeason.

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